Why Evernote is Now My Primary Reminder/Task App

Awhile back I wrote about the fairly recent integration between Remember the Milk and Evernote Reminders. Since then, I’ve dropped RTM in favor of Evernote and the Apple Reminders app (again.) Let me explain why.

Let me start by saying there’s nothing wrong with Remember the Milk. It’s still one of my favorite task apps. But after connecting RTM with Evernote, I found that I rarely opened RTM. There were a few recurring tasks that I preferred to keep in RTM, but everything else was in Evernote. Essentially, the integration between RTM and Evernote showed me that I really didn’t need RTM. It made more sense to cut out out. I moved my recurring tasks to Apple’s Reminders app, and stopped using RTM altogether.

 iOS Reminders App
iOS Reminders App

Now, I have about 7 recurring tasks in Reminders, and everything else in Evernote. Every morning when I sit down at my desk, I pull up Evernote, go to my Tasks notebook, and go through my list of Evernote Reminders. There are a couple of weekly recurring tasks in Evernote; when I complete one of those, I just change the Reminder date to the following week. I do these in Evernote because I need to be able to jot down a few notes each time I complete the task.

So far, this solution has been working perfectly for me. I even started adding tags to my tasks and using saved searches to really let me streamline my daily workflow. That blog post will be coming in the near future.

What solution have you found to tasks/reminders? Do you use Evernote exclusively, or do you mix and match your apps?

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. The day job has been keeping me pretty busy, but I think I can modify my schedule a bit to start posting regularly again.

3 thoughts on “Why Evernote is Now My Primary Reminder/Task App

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  1. I prefer the "Favor" app. Really handy because it is based on location, and it allows me to add in what I need to do at a specific location, set it to be just the next time I get there or every time I get there. Then the alarm goes off and it shows me what I had typed. I also get to choose the alarm to go off, and I can set as many reminders as I would like, and turn them on and off at will.


    1. I can’t seem to find a task app called Favor. Do you have more info? I generally use the Reminders app on iOS and MacOS if I need location based reminders, but I’m open to checking other apps out.


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