TUESDAY TIPS: Evernote Post-It Settings

We’ve all heard of the fairly recent integration of Post-it Notes into Evernote, but did you know that you could automate a few settings based on the color of the Post-it Note?
This is how my setup works in iOS. You can customize yours to fit your workflow.


Notebook: blog-working
Tag: blog
Reminder: yes

I jot down blog ideas on yellow Post-it Notes (like ideas for Tuesday Tips.) When I snap a photo of one via the Post-it Notes camera in Evernote for iOS, it gets tagged “blog”, moved to my Blog – Working notebook, and a reminder is set.



This is the color I use when I don’t care where the note goes, or what it’s tagged with. Also the color I use when I know the note isn’t going to end up in Evernote.


Tag: ferguson

Work notes are in blue. If I get a work phone call, I jot down notes on a blue Post-it Note and snap a photo with Evernote for iOS. A quick search for the “ferguson” tag helps me find it later.


Tag: Personal

Notes, groceries, other stuff I need to buy, personal to do lists, etc. all get automatically tagged “personal”. 

 The Post-it Notes settings screen in Evernote for iOS
The Post-it Notes settings screen in Evernote for iOS

Have you tried using Post-it Notes with Evernote? How do you automate yours?

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