TUESDAY TIPS: Evernote for Holiday Shopping

Evernote-2Throughout the year, I see things and think, “Hey, that would be an awesome Christmas present for xxxx!” But by the time Christmas rolls around, I’ve forgotten all about it. Or, someone will mention something they really want, and again, I’ll forget by the time Christmas comes. Evernote solves that problem.

I created a Wishlist notebook, and add a note for each person I typically send presents to. When I come across something I want to buy for someone, or they offer up a suggestion, it goes in their note. Sometimes I add a photo to remind me exactly what they want. If the gift is from an online store, I’ll include the URL. I also add a check box before each item.

I try to keep sizes in each note, as well. This is important for my nephews/niece, who seem to be growing like weeds.

When it’s time to shop, all I have to do is pull up the notes and spend the money. I make sure the check box is checked once I’ve purchased an item, and I don’t delete an item from the list once it’s purchased. This saves me from the embarrassment of sending someone the same thing two years in a row.


How do you keep your holiday shopping organized?

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