TUESDAY TIPS: Evernote for Rental Properties

Here’s a quick tip for you landlords/ladies out there. Create a notebook and share it with your tenants. One notebook for each tenant. Be sure to give them edit access so they can add notes when necessary. For example, create a notebook called Apartment 3B – John Doe and share it with John Doe.

My landlord and I have a shared notebook. In it, we keep the lease agreement, a list of things that need to be fixed, monthly rent “receipts”, move-in photos, and anything else that pertains to the house I’m renting. We can set reminders for maintenance items, or rent payments, or lease renewal date.

When a new renter moves in, create a new notebook with the new tenant’s name and start again. You’ll have the information from the last tenant so you can keep track of any maintenance items that seem to be recurring, when the carpets or appliances were last replaced, and any additional notes entered by the previous tenant.

If the previous tenant ever uses you as a reference, you’ll be able to go back to that notebook and warn the tenants new landlord about the cat hoarding problem.


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