TUESDAY TIPS: Evernote Shortcuts

KeyboardFirst off, let me apologize for the late post. I’m on vacation this week, and the days seem to be slipping by. Secondly, I know I had promised to do a post on the Tv setting on your shiny new camera this week, but I’m going to hold off till next week on that one.

Being a Mac user, I have learned to love shortcuts. It’s one hundred times more efficient to keep my hands on the keyboard than to bounce back and forth between the keyboard and mouse. So I made it a point to learn a few of the Evernote shortcuts, as well. I don’t know all of them, and I’m not convinced I need to know them all. But there are a few that are huge time savers.

I can confirm that these shortcuts work on Mac. I don’t have a PC handy to test them on, and there are some differences on the Windows client.

CMD + N: New note

CMD + J: Go to notebook (just hit the shortcut and start typing the name of the notebook you want to open)

CMD + OPT + F: Search notes

CMD + SHIFT + D: Insert date

CMD + SHIFT + T: Create a check box

Those are the shortcuts I use on a daily basis. There are many others, and complete lists can be found here for Mac, and here for PC. Do your best to memorize the ones you use the most.

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  1. I have been searching for these forever! Thank you so much!! Now I can be so much more productive on Evernote.


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