TUESDAY TIPS: Off-Camera Lighting for $100

I love shooting with natural light, so when I decided to experiment with off-camera flash photography, I didn’t want to sink a bunch of money into the equipment. Today’s tip will show you how to set up a simple 2-light off-camera system for $100. You’ll need a DSLR or point and shoot with a hot shoe for an external flash.

The Equipment

You’ll need two flash units, and some way of triggering them. Amazon has what you need.

Wireless Flash Triggers

At the time of writing, these babies are $30 for the transmitter and two receivers. They aren’t fancy, you can’t tweak any settings, but they have worked well for me so far.


Neewer Flash Unit

I don’t personally own these, but had a chance to play with them while assisting a fellow photographer on a recent shoot. I love my Canon Speedlight, but changing settings can get complicated. Changing settings on the Neewer flash is simple and quick. There’s a level indicator on the back to show flash power, and two buttons to increase or decrease the power.


Opteka Flash Diffuser

You’ll want something to soften the light from your flash units, and this will help. While not as effective as a full lightbox, it’s a lot less expensive.


Grand Total: $100

Getting your flash off your camera will open up a whole new world of lighting options for your photography.

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