TUESDAY TIPS: Food Photography with Eye-Fi and Evernote Food

I love Evernote Food. It’s like they created the app just for me. Prior to its release, I was taking pictures of food and posting them everywhere. The only issue I run into is that my iPhone isn’t always the best camera with which to take food photos.
Eye-Fi to the rescue.

Pop the Eye-Fi card into your point-and-shoot or DSLR (if your DSLR takes SD cards,) and shoot away. When you’re done, use the Eye-Fi app on your phone to transfer the images from your camera. Open Evernote Food, and import the photos from your camera roll.

Eye-Fi Transfer Screen
Eye-Fi Transfer Screen
Evernote Food Photo Import Screen
Evernote Food Photo Import Screen

More information on Eye-Fi direct mode and iOS

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  1. […] In a previous post, I talked about using an Eye-Fi SD card in Direct Mode to get better photos for your Evernote Food entries. Back then, I was using my Canon SD-780is to take better photos. I upgraded that to a Canon EOS M recently, and discovered that the EOS M has a dedicated Eye-Fi menu. There aren’t many options on the menu, but it covers the most important one: turning the Eye-Fi antenna on and off. This is huge as far as battery life goes. The EOS M with 22mm ƒ2.0 lens allows you to create stunning food photos, even in limited light. […]


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