TUESDAY TIPS: Photography research in Evernote

Before the interwebs were born, if you wanted to learn something, you read a book. Or picked the brain of an expert. Now, a seemingly endless amount of information is just one quick Google search away.

Surf the web for techniques, lighting setups, posing advice, and camera settings. Look for photos to emulate. I’m not suggesting you rip anyone off, but study the photos you really admire to get ideas for your own photos. Visit one (or more) of the many awesome post processing sites. Photoshop tutorials, Lightroom tips and tricks, Aperture hints, etc.

Then what?

First, grab the Evernote Web Clipper if you haven’t already. Then, when you see something on the web that could help you improve your photography, use the Web Clipper to save the article/page/photo to an “Inspiration” notebook in your Evernote account. Tag it appropriately to make it easier to find later.

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