TUESDAY TIPS: Traveling with Evernote


  1. Evernote is ideal for reducing stress when traveling.
  2. Create a notebook for your trip.
  3. Add a note with your itinerary (either attach a PDF, or forward the airline/travel agency email to your special Evernote address.
  4. Jot down ideas for places you want to see or things you want to do on the trip.
  5. If you park at the airport, create a note on your phone before you leave your car with the level and parking spot. As a bonus, Evernote will geotag the note so you can find your car more easily when you return.
  6. Snap a photo of your baggage claim checks, just in case you lose them.
  7. While you’re on the trip, jot down thoughts and add photos.
  8. Use IFTTT to log your Foursquare check-ins. Move them to the trip notebook to remember where you went.
  9. Is this a business trip? Use the Page Camera feature to snap photos of your receipts and add them to the trip notebook. This saves you from looking everywhere for your receipts when it’s time to do your expense report.
  10. Keep the notebook and look back on it later to remember what you did/saw/heard/etc.
  11. Use the notebook as a reference if you plan a similar trip later on.
Have any additional tips for Evernote and traveling? Share them in the comments.

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