Work Trip Checklist in Evernote

When I travel for work, I’m responsible for more than my underwear and ties. I generally travel with multiple cameras, a laptop, iPad, etc. Remembering the equipment itself is relatively easy, but I’ve been on more than a few trips that involved running to the store to pick up a charger or battery or memory card I forgot to pack.

I started using Evernote to create checklists for work trips. The lists are more or less the same, so I save a copy as a template and just make minor adjustments as necessary. This works great for personal trips, as well. I have a basic list of things I bring when camping, so I have a camping checklist template.

Note templates are great for information you use over and over again. Create a “Templates” notebook, and make a few template notes in that notebook. When you need to create a new note based on one of the templates, simply right-click on the template and select “Copy To Notebook”. Select the desired output notebook, and just like that, you’ve saved yourself the time of re-entering all of that base information.

Templates are great for travel lists. If you use note templates in Evernote, what information do you store in them?

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