Wedding photographer, Nelson Tang, being sued for $300k

Gary Fong’s video about the lawsuit:

The follow up video

I avoid weddings. I have very little experience with them, and it’s a one-time event that, for some, is the highlight of their life up to that point. It should be documented by someone with a lot of experience. So until I get some experience as a second photographer, I don’t feel it’s right for me to pose as a “wedding photographer”.

According to Gary Fong, this photographer took excellent wedding photos. AND, the client shared them on Facebook. People don’t share photos they hate on Facebook. I’ve done some TFCD work for friends–I get experience, they get photos–and when the photos aren’t what they were looking for, they don’t share ’em. Plain and simple. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I generally agree. I save the TFCD work for stuff I’ve never done before–baby photos and the like. But Nelson Tang is an experienced wedding photographer, and this lawsuit feels bogus to me.

Watch the videos, and if you feel so inclined, blog about it. Use Nelson’s name in the blog post. If you’ve got a few extra dollar bills burning a hole in your pocket, consider donating to his legal fund. We’ve all had clients like this. It’s unfortunate, but this particular case is a good reminder to get written contracts, and NEVER give the client RAW files. Your photosrepresent you–don’t send them out until you’ve gone through them, made your selects, and done your post-processing.

Funding page to help the photographer being sued


It looks like the follow-up video is private now, and I can’t find any additional information on what the final outcome was. If anyone knows, please post in the comments.

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