Great article about how a photographer uses Evernote

From Alan Bailward’s site:

  • Saved searches for photo, lighting, or outfit ideas
  • Compiling multiple bits of data together (for example I have a note with everything I need to get into my computer server in downtown Vancouver, including access codes (you can encrypt selections of text in a note, so that’s safe!), a map and instructions on how to navigate the labyrinth of passages)
  • Quick references for lighting setup
  • All my camera and flash manuals (with a saved search for “tag:manual”)
  • Scans of photography contracts

He’s got some great examples of how he uses Evernote in his photography business.

Here are  few more articles pertaining to Evernote and photography:

  1. Cramer Gallimore
  2. Jeremy Cowart
  3. Think About Photography blog
  4. Robert Rodriguez Jr.

How are you using Evernote?

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