HTC Android phones being banned from US next year

HTC Android Phones Are Being Banned from the US Next Year

I’m obviously a huge Apple fan, but this pisses me off.

When you get a text/email/whatever on your phone that contains a date, address, phone number, etc., your iPhone or HTC Android phone currently turns it into a link. Tapping on the link results in an appropriate action being taken. Tap on a date, and you can add an appointment to your calendar. Tap on a phone number and you have the option of calling that number, or adding it to your address book. An address link might take you to the native maps app, or let you add it to your address book.

To me, this should be basic touch-screen functionality. 

The fact that Apple won their case agains HTC means that any OS using this functionality on their touch-screen phones could fall victim next.

HTC will remove this functionality from their phones, and implement it in a different way, but this ruling feels like a slippery slope.

What do you think?

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