Reminders can’t replace Remember the Milk… Yet.

I was pretty excited when Reminders was announced as part of iOS 5. The idea of reminding me of something based on location was awesome. And, after using it for a couple of weeks, Reminders does that well. What it doesn’t seem to do well is sync across devices, present a consistent for for entering task data, or allow me to sort my tasks based on criteria I specify.

I have a work task list that *sometimes* syncs with the Exchange server… iCloud task lists seem to sync fine. If I enter a task on the computer, I can enter due dates, etc. but can only enter a reminder date on the iOS app. And as far as I can tell, there’s no way to sort my task list by due date or priority or even manually.

I pay for Remember the Milk because it works *so* well. Everything syncs, I can sort, categorize, and even email my tasks in (works great for forwarding emails that contain action items I need to remember.) I was hoping Reminders might replace RTM, and save me the annual fee, but it’s definitely not ready to replace anything yet. Between RTM and Evernote, my ‘listing’ needs are taken care of.

Hopefully, Apple updates Reminders to be just a little more robust. Have you tried Reminders? What do you think?


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