No file-type restrictions on free Evernote accounts

Life has enough complicated rules to keep track of, so we like to simplify wherever we can. In that spirit, we’re happy to say that we’ve just simplified how file attachments work for Free users. As many of you know, Free users had been previously limited to putting only text, image, audio and PDF files into their notes. That restriction is now gone, so both Free and Premium users can attach any type of file to a note. Easy Peasy.

Not sure how I missed this one…

Now you really have no excuse. If you’re not using Evernote to organize your thoughts, receipts, schoolwork, stand-up comedy routines, and Bavarian beer collection, you really should be.

Store your Word documents, font collections, Excel-based expense reports, Photoshop files…whatever. Once a file is in Evernote, just double-click its icon in a note to edit. Save your changes, and the changes are synced through Evernote. Even with a free account.

You know you want to.

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