Mac App Store is open for business!

It’s here, and it scares me.
I think about all the money I’ve spent on the App Store for the iOS devices I’ve used, and having the same thing for my Mac elicits visions of my bank account shrinking.

That said, this is friggin’ awesome. Purchasing is easy (too easy,) but the update feature is what I’ve been looking forward to. One centralized location for grabbing software updates for all the apps on my computer. Just like on the iPhone and iPad. Love it.

Angry Birds on my Mac? Hell yes.

I’ll throw in another plug for Evernote. It’s still the one piece of software I recommend to everyone. Evernote is my brain on drugs. The good kind. Not the kind that fry your brain.

Also, I’ll throw in a plug for the official Twitter app. So far, I like it better than others I’ve tried. Clean, simple, free. And it supports multiple accounts. I’ve tried several, but keep going back to the official app (formerly known as Tweetie.)

Who’s tried it out? Anyone? What do you think? Do you foresee yourself spending your kids’ college tuition on apps now? Sorry, Angel… But community college is great too!


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